----- In English : -----
"This is a strong, very well thought out and produced record and if they continue developing in the same way album number 3 has the potential to be something very, very special indeed!"
"RAIN has chemistry to stay on top of the charts with more than half the tunes on "Stronger".
"A varied album, filled with good songs" 5/6
"Sticky melodies and choruses, perfectly arranged and brought with passion and enthusiasm"
"Album of the year! Awesome!"
"Soundwise this reminds very much of Jaded Heart, with some modern touches here and there."
"The hooks are memorable and the choruses ditto - High quality AOR at its best!" 9/10
"It can't be "Stronger" than this!" 80/100


----- In German : -----
"RAIN is AOR in absolute perfection, just like it came directly out of the schoolbook!"
"RAIN is a jewel for every hardrock fan in any case, and Mr. Bormann's voice mesmerizes the tracks!"
Album of the month - November 2006. 9,5/10
"Well done songs, suitable for a broader audience!
"Excellent songwriting with a sense for catchy melodies, introduced by musicians who know their skills and an outstanding singer!"
"A pretty successful collection of rock highlights. That's a fantastic album! 5/5
"This CD is definitely the right choice if you are into melodic hard rock with a mighty kick of 80's stadium rock!"
"11 melodic rock tracks that are really worthwhile to listen to!"
"RAIN is arena-rock at its best. Connoisseurs of the genre definitely have to buy it!"
"The melodic rock orientated audience will be essentially pleased by Stronger"
"A powerful album by the german-norwegian melodic rockers!"



----- Other : -----
"Top album!"
"...Do you like it? - Yes, I do!"
"Here we have a really good hard FM album with a brilliant singer and unbelievable songs. Imposing!"

Les Accros Du Metal