Lars Forseth and Michael Bormann about RAIN :

Lars Forseth : "We started the recordings for this album in February 2005. Michael had a bunch of suggestions ready by the time we arrived, and we kicked some stuff around for a while and then went for it. It came together pretty easily and we made more or less all the songs in the studio. In two weeks time we had 12 Songs recorded.

We all think the songs are "stronger" than the first album, as they are a little bit more edgy. We put some more balls and attitude into all the sessions, and we think it came across pretty good. The mixture of groovy & modern elements in songs like "DO YOU LIKE IT" & "GET OVER IT", poprocksongs like "DESERVE IT" , "CRAZY", "FLESH & BLOOD", "LOVE IS BY YOUR SIDE" heavy rockers like "INSOBRIETY" & "LET ME BE YOUR FAVORITE" and great ballads like "ID DIE FOR YOU", "THE OTHER SIDE" & "LOVESONG", make "Stronger" such a great album.

We had a blast during the making of "Stronger" and we hope, that everybody else will dig it as much as we do! Itīs only Rock & Roll!"

Michael Bormann: "Well, at the time, when Jaded Heart and me went separate ways, I was of course disappointed and shocked. Life teaches you again and again, that nothing is really predictable. Anyway, this little slap in the face couldnīt hold me back from what I was born for. MUSIC!

It was a sideproject, or better a studiojob for me in the very beginning. It turned out to become a real band. Nobody knew this back then. We just connected in all ways. As this came clear, I didn't want to be just a hired singer. We all decided to bring me in as a songwriter. That was the time, that we also decided to produce a record like a band. That means TOGETHER! So we all took 2 weeks off to meet in my studio, to write and record songs. The first record was nothing else than 5 or 6 sessions in different studios, where we recorded about 3 to 4 songs. So, finally we grew as a band and the result you can hear. We had so much fun making it! Musically we also had no limits, so that we were able to use even modern elements. That's great, as it opens a wider range in the songwriting. FANTASTIC ALBUM!